Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dumb advice

Sanjay Dutt says "Women should not use father's name after marriage"......

For a chap who sullied the name of his Dad,
Telling girls about married names, is plain bad,
Though Societies may have a rule,
Namewise you can still be cool,
But hearing from a multi-married is simply sad....

Standing for elections is not really funny,
He may think its all about nothing but money
Emancipate women in your state,
Instead of guns, fund the slate,
And educate families so their future is sunny....


  1. You got it right and write so well. A limerick is both a flick and a kick! Write more we are enjoying!

  2. संजू बाबा संजू बाबा
    बज़ गया दिमाग का बाजा
    अमर भइया लगे दिए आग
    आप ने दिया बस वचन दाग

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