Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poor Ministers Declare Wealth

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his cabinet ministers on Saturday declared their assets which were posted online, officials said. [Link]

There was a Minister who declared his wealth
People said his work was just full of stealth
He said he owned an old car
And a house just next to bazar
The swiss banker remained silent with whom he dealt!



  1. When arrested he blamed his health
    And hoped the judge's heart to melt
    In jail they gave him a special room
    Where he ate off a silver spoon
    How come no shame he felt?

  2. You need to be super smart to manipulate zeros,
    Overinvoicing and sharing spoils, makes you heroes,
    Those hungry can just shout,
    Because you've got the clout,
    And you fiddle with their lives and money like Neroes.

    Women in villages, get burnt for showing resistance,
    No security there, but for you, Z-plus on insistence,
    There are schools, but no teacher,
    I wonder what kind of creature,
    Like you,charges money for transfers,with much persistence

    Poverty stricken crorepaties, exhibiting an odd old car,
    But the public pays for petrol, so it takes them so far,
    Its not at all to your credit
    The nation's treasury you debit,
    And smile at each other saying,"Aisa hota hai, yaar"!

    With false populist promises you acquire their farm,
    Selling it for profit to builders becomes your kaam,
    What isn't so very funny
    Is the color of acquired money
    For "Daney daney par likha hota hai 'khane' wale ka naam"

  3. lot of thinking and rework
    our nethas are exhausted after the hard paperwork
    felt an imposition is better to write
    than to declare the assets they earned in life
    all politicians aquires dementia when probed
    assuming all cases against them will be closed

  4. Could there have been a bigger joke and insult to the common man?

  5. Vivek,

    Truth told so well.

    Take care


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