Monday, September 19, 2011

Fast Insult

We read history but never learn from the past,
We continue to play politics of votes,money and caste
The Mahatma we don't follow,
Our declarations are so hollow,
We've made a mockery of the reason Gandhiji did a fast

He did it always to atone for violence of body and mind,
He was respected so much, The British some rules would rescind,
Maun, prayer and fasting,
The result was long lasting,
No shamianas, no blaring PA system, and no speeches of any kind

Our rulers are so crooked, now little of that ethos endures,
You commit whatever sins you want and fasts are now the cures,
Parties call each other names,
Strive to come in camera frames,
And it is then all about proving "My fast is better than yours"....


  1. Very true and I agree with you on each point.
    But,do we realize how and why these fasts are becoming so poplar and are attracting UNPAID crowds.Common man is feeling so helpless,neglected, uncared for that he follows any hope that he sees.

  2. "The result was long lasting,
    No shamianas, no blaring PA system, and no speeches of any kind"

    well said!

    Good One :-)

  3. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  4. U K,

    Very good dig at today's TAMAASHAA. Hope we, the people, see through this hallow act of these characters.

    Take care

  5. how to! that's the stupid fast-forward world!

  6. oops... i meant - how TRUE! fast forward effect ;)

  7. You must be " RETARDED"...everyone has been" X'D" for months and that's why DISNEY- CHENEY- ROVE- RUSH- all delivering.


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