Monday, June 13, 2011

Should I fast ?

I wonder if I should go on a fast,
Giving interviews to all who passed,
I'll camp by the roadside,
Expose everyone who lied,
About the condition of our roads, at last.....

Soil being washed away by first rain,
Big Dips in the road, causing all much pain,
Water hides it all,
And people just fall,
The contractors are the only ones who gain.

Ditches being dug in the name of progress,
Then left uncleared to increase the mess,
Various pipes in a maze,
My eyes are in a daze,
I just slipped into one ditch, I guess.....

More crushed stone, more blocking trucks,
The Municipal repair system just sucks,
There are all in collusion,
For repeated road erosion,
Its all about power, profits and big bucks....

Cars race through water, as careless as can be,
splashing dirt on the face of a protesting "me",
The cop barely looks,
He must fill up his books,
I am not as "profitable" as the helmetless folks, you see.

They'll send in a bulldozer to destroy my tent,
I really wonder where all the politicians went ,
Get me out of the floor
They'll then dig some more,
Something somewhere just filled the pocket of a gent.....

Years have gone by, months have passed,
I observe and continue to look aghast,
Isn't it so strange,
Nothing has yet changed,
World goes faster/fastest, but i must fast !


  1. pitiful of what we go through in our daily life as a citizen of the world's largest democracy. Beautiful thoughts and a beautiful interpretation, Nice read :)

  2. Every pit, evry pothole, every crack is the story name corruption.Every pot hole makes afew marble tiles in Ministers house

  3. U G,

    Delhi hai ya Mumbai hai,
    Sab ek jaisa hai.

    Take care

  4. I hope you did not. Interesting post.


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