Friday, June 10, 2011

Punyachi Por

I come from the city of Pune
Jethe mhane kahi nahi une
But now I live in Bangalore
Though ever a Punekar to the core
Sutat nahi kadhihi bandhan june

Me aahe Punyachi por
Jithoon aale pushkal mothe thor
Of Pune I am proud
And I'll say that clear and loud
I miss you dear Pune very sore


  1. Welcome aboard Satchitananda :)

    Pune - My birth city, thus I have a special affection to it..nice puneri limerick to start with :)

  2. It is a paculiar city.It just grows on you.

  3. Mumbai is my mother land,
    When i was born, there was baja and band,

    As soon as i was married,
    Dad had me to jaipur carried,

    i cried and cried,
    For i loved mumbai, vada pao fried,

    i miss u mumbai,
    Where still lives my aai (mother)

    Sorry i dont know much poetry, but just for teh lark posted this.



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