Friday, November 5, 2010

No, You can't !

He looked forward to a trip so 'jhakaas',
He arrived in Mumbai unreserved second class,
He'd never been on a train,
Never, from close, seen a plane,
Now windows were closed as he looked thru the glass..

"Don't walk on this road", yelled the cops,
"You cant look around, we're closing the shops,
Don't loiter about,
The Gateway is out,
We've sanitized it all with the brooms and mops.."

"Gandhiji's place for you, is now out of bounds,"
Obama's security is permanently doing the rounds,
Cars will halt with a screech,
And he may even give a speech,
But no locals will be able to hear any sounds...

Do shops close in Washington, when Obama arrives ?
Does his schedule decide the people's daily lives ?
Are children in schools,
Checked with security tools,
And snipers sitting on buildings whenever he drives ?

Is it because he's not looking for any votes here ?
The rules say "close building windows , far and near" ....
He'll wave and he'll smile
But it will take him a while,
To realize that no one has come out of "security" fear

His own plane, his own car, its even his own sky,
For 54 minutes, as they all land, in our Mumbai,
His own US doctor
His own helicopter,
But his food tasters, Indian; can anyone tell me why ?


  1. Lol! Enjoyed this immensely! Why do we Indians prostate ourselves before the American president?

  2. I really like this.
    Satire at its best.
    Indians are expendable!

  3. nice line
    with beautiful photo

  4. thanks blog-adda for introducing me to you,
    your writing has such a vibrant hue,
    How did i miss out on all this fun, have no Clue,
    but this is a wiff of fresh air on internet, just out of blue :)

  5. Simply Superb!
    Its right in your face
    But how do you do that
    With so much grace?


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