Friday, November 19, 2010

No Greed or Graft Madam, Only Gifts!

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday stressing on the need for an efficient government to augment managerial capacity to deliver better services to the public, said 'graft and greed', which are on the rise are putting in danger the principles on which independent India was founded.

Her remarks are not out of the blue
Sonia ji said "Observe Indian value."
"That's what we do' said the leaders
Money? No, No!" [But they understand us!]
And gifts are received by all Who's who!



  1. LOL,
    Vivek you are amazing!
    Ive never understood politics leave alone writing about it..And you've done something above all of this..You've written about it in a verse that has me in splits!!!!!

  2. Money,yes ,yes,
    what is value without money!

  3. you touched very serious problem in few lines


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