Saturday, November 7, 2009

Government, for them, of them, by them.....

Maharashtra politicians finally end their haggling for riches, and form a government. LINK

They get elected with a majority thin,
Fight, then say, the situation is "win-win",
After 16 days of waste,
I wonder if this is a taste,
Of what awaits us, when they actually begin...

Its actually a shameless tug-of-war,
Greedy chaps, they all want more,
More money, less work,
Responsibility ? Lets shirk !
The whole thing is rotten down to the core.....


  1. The blame ?
    They or We.

  2. Wonderfully put!

    After they begin too it will be win-win for them. This is a lottery in which the public buys the tickets and the netas get the jackpots!


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