Saturday, November 21, 2009

Billion-foolish, penny-wise

Koda fails to appear before ED for questioning for the third time....(LINK)

I was a day late returning a book,
"Pay the fine" they said, and i said ,"Look,
I had the swine flu,
And my weakness just grew
A full hour to walk here, for me , it took......"

But the ED doesnt know how to enforce,
Rules on scamster Madhu Koda , of course,
"Dont bother me", says he,
"I'm electioneering, can't you see",
I will spend it all while you search for the source.."

Authorities are billion-foolish , penny-wise,
Scamsters intimidate in a minister's guise,
Petty people they chase,
And bungle every big case,
For guessing who wins, there will be no prize......

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