Monday, March 19, 2012

Love for Cricket

Cricket is a religion in India, everyone knows that.
Sachin is God - it is a 'taken for granted' fact
He scored his 100th ton,
Still the match wasn't won,
But he won the hearts of millions with superb batting act.

And yesterday's encounter was the biggest of all
India played Pakistan, the chasing target was tall.
Yet we managed to win
Kohli had the widest grin
For scoring a ton and causing Pak bowlers' fall.

Our country is one crazy cricket loving nation.
Cricket is our love, life, addiction and passion.
It's not just a sport,
and the words fall short
To describe our love for this "close to life" action.


  1. It is true.Cricket s religion in India.
    Every time Pak sends in terror,first thing we do is to stop playing cricket with them,but, keep talking.

    1. True that. but we are out of the Asia cup now!

  2. Amazing limerick , Neha ! Wonderful !

  3. Not bad. Not bad. Good going.

    Keep writing, N!

  4. Nice one Neha. But through cricket only the cricketers are benefitted. Sad sight to see even the slum children celebrating sachin's century while they are going to gain nothing out of it. Cricket is driving Indians crazy while all other sports are pushed back to the unnoticed corner.

    1. But that's how it works in our country. Since birth, we see each and every family member watching and following cricket. After we grow up, we follow Tennis, football F1 etc. Now, if hockey or kabbaddi or wresting etc don't interest us, we can't start following them only because they are national sports right? You follow a sport out of interest. I know people who follow hockey too religiously. To each one's own :)

      How celebrating helps? Not financially, but it does give us a lot of happiness. Isn't that an enough reason to celebrate a century even if we gain no money out of it? :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Vivek :) You inspired me to write limericks again.

  6. Before coming on this page, I didn't know what Limerick means. Knowing you a little and after reading this I'm pretty sure now what a limerick means!

    Thank you for this AABBA. :)

  7. Fantastic one Neha. Enjoyed reading it. :-)

  8. Neha,

    What is cricket to Indians so well explained.

    Take care

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