Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Aal well ?

This limerick was written as a comment on a wonderful limericked post by Neha, a parody on , what else, politicians.

You hobnob with crooks, bend at the waist,
No time to repent, but you must acquire in haste,
Nothing less than crores,
They sure open doors,
Power corrupts and blinds, and you enjoy the taste....

To the highest bidder yourself you sell,
Everyone else can slowly slide into hell,
4 sons, 5 cars and a plane,
Nothing to lose , So much to gain
And today , Aal is well, aal is well, aal is well.....


  1. We can write what we like. These thick skinned politicians are shameless, opportunists and corrupt to the last T.

  2. Great limerick, Neha!

    And I love the new look of the blog!

  3. Manju,

    In this case, Neha = Suranga


  4. Sorry, misread! Great limerick, though. Will go to read Neha's post now...


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