Friday, December 18, 2009

Faster methods

Demands for smaller states across the country. Leaders adopt "fasts unto death". (LINK)

Bundelkhand, Harit Pradesh and Purvanchal from Uttar Pradesh

A state each for Garos and Khasis from Meghalaya
Gorkhaland from West Bengal
Bodoland from Assam
Coorg in Karnataka
Vidarbha in Maharashtra
Saurashtra in Gujarat
Mithilanchal in Bihar
Mahakosala in Orissa
Ladakh & Jammu in J&K

Want your own kingdom ? Just undertake a fast,
The threats have always worked in the past,
Have guys run helter skelter,
Aided by maybe a stone pelter,
Burn some buses and maybe have a blast....

Leaders in ICCUs, oxygen at the nose,
Thinking what a great victory over all the foes,
With Z seciurity cover,
And the Doctors hover,
They sleep as outside others come to blows...

Yet what of the farmer, troubled by the rain,
Sometimes none, and then a flood yet again,
Its another interminable wait,
Nothing achieved by a new state,
The ordinary man just carries on with the pain.....


  1. the first few lines in blue can be made into a new national anthem altogether...
    For getting this done no one will have to fast & gather..

    You have put the irony in such a simple manner..
    hope the people out there stop playing games under the renowned banner !!

  2. :) I had thought of demanding singhbhum. To use it's mineral wealth for it's people and not koda,mittal or jindal

  3. You're right, what difference does a new state make to the ordinary man?

    And after all the hulabaloo, it appears that a Telangana may not become a reality at all!


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